Sunday, February 24, 2013

My best dressed at the Oscars 2013

It was a difficult decision to make, but best dressed at the 2013 Academy awards goes to Amy Adams. I adore this dress. This dress is not only flattering, but also it is stunning. I would definitely say it is eye-catching. The only thing I would even consider changing would possibly be the color. Amy wears every color brilliantly, which is a difficult task for some gingers (ah hmm... Jessica Chastain). Unlike other gingers, most colors look great on Amy, so why go with gray?

Next on my list would have to go to Jennifer Aniston. In the few hours that this dress has been seen, people are calling it plain and boring. I completely disagree. I call this dress gorgeous and sophisticated. It is glamour and chic.
 The next dresses are in no particular order. I love each of these. One word for all of 3 dresses... GORGEOUS!
Charlize Theron is incredibly fierce in this white gown. Her hair maybe short but it is so fitting for her structured symmetrical lines. I have been a fan of Charlize since the first time I saw her in The Italian Job with Mark Wahlberg (who looked incredibly hot at the Oscars tonight).

 I love that Reese Witherspoon went with color this year. She is very brave going against the trends this year. I saw a lot of silver metallics, whites and sheers. If someone did go with a color, it would have been red. Brava Reese for doing your own thing.

Amanda Seyfried has shown up to the past few awards shows in knock out dresses. Why I ever doubted tonight would have been any different? I love this dress. This dress has a beautiful form on her; it is elegant but fun.

I almost wonder if I choose best dressed based on my favorite actresses because everyone on this page is someone that I admire. I look up to these women, and obviously, I love their work.


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